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The Eklectic Pie Pizza Difference

It started on Super Bowl Sunday in 2009 with our Arizona Cardinals playing as underdogs. The Harmon family decided to watch the game together. Our thoughts soon turned to the food to eat for the big Super Bowl feast. The idea of pizza came up, but as it probably does at your house, no one could agree on the sauce or toppings. We are an “eklectic” bunch with varying taste preferences. To quell the brewing storm, our son came up with the bright idea to chop up all kinds of pizza toppings, hand everyone a crust, and make their pizza as “unique” as they wanted.

That started a conversation about the need for a pizza restaurant that offered us more personal choices. We shouldn’t have to settle or compromise on what we like to get pizza for the family.

As we talked more about it, we discussed that our new pizza restaurant needed to push further into new tastes than just your traditional red sauce. That led to the development of nine different sauces from Mama Loy’s kitchen. That quickly grew to the creation of our pizza favorites known as our “Ultimate Choices.” We also wanted to encourage you by making it easy to be “eklectic” and create your favorite from our wide selection of sauces, toppings and finishers.

We insisted that a cornerstone and our difference must be “better tasting” and “better for you” pizza's by making all sauces, dough and dressings in our kitchens daily with no added preservatives. It starts with our choice to use premium imported Italian pizza flour and San Marzano tomatoes. It includes premium meats starting with our chicken from fresh all-natural and hormone-free chicken breasts. We have no freezers, microwaves or heat lamp… everything must be fresh!

We wanted to support our local business partners by buying goods from local Arizona companies. That led to purchasing many products from vendors and local Arizona breweries.

We thought it was important to offer more dietary or life-style choice products to be included on our menu. Gluten-free crusts are made in our kitchens daily. We offer toppings such as non-dairy cheese and tofu as a non-meat choice and organic vegetables where and when possible. That obsession with variety (more choices for you) and quality is what we believe is the “Eklectic” difference.

We know you also want your pizza fast! To ensure fast service, we have invested in the latest oven technology that cooks a perfect “cracker-y” crust pizza in less than three minutes! Are you in an even bigger hurry? Then use our on-line “Order and Pay” system via your computer, tablet or mobile device. Your food will be ready when you are.

We are locally owned and operated. We live here, we work here and we eat here! Since we are a part of this community, we feel the importance of giving back by making a donation for every pizza sold to our local food bank.

We invite you to stop and enjoy “Fresh Pizza...Uniquely yours”.

The Tasty Eklectic Difference

Taste the Eklectic Difference

  1. We use only the finest flour all-natural and additive-free sourced locally from Bay State Flour Mill in Tempe.
  2. We use only virgin olive oil in our recipes sourced locally from the Queen Creek Olive Mill
  3. We prepare our marinara sauce from scratch daily in-house in a process that takes over 12 hours to bring the freshest flavor to you. It’s vegan-friendly with no added preservatives.
  4. We season our chicken with a secret blend of spices and grill it daily using only fresh chicken breasts. NO FROZEN CHICKEN FROM A BOX.
  5. We use only the finest quality Wisconsin whole milk mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.
  6. We have the largest selection of pizza sauces, toppings for your creation & eating pleasure. 
  7. We make our sauces and dressings from scratch in our kitchens daily with no added preservatives and are gluten-free.
  8. We serve the special dietary needs of our guests by daily making both a vegan-friendly regular dough, a gluten-free dough and serving non-dairy cheese.
  9. We proudly serve Arizona craft beers on tap.
  10. We have no heat lamps, no freezers or microwaves – only the best made fresh for you!